ReefBreeders Pico LED

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Product Description

ReefBreeders Pico LED

Sunrise, Sunset, and Moonlight Controller

The latest ReefBreeders Pico LED has undergone a complete transformation, setting a new standard for nano & pico aquarium lighting. A standout feature is its newly developed controller, offering an advanced yet user-friendly interface. Unlike its predecessor with a basic on/off switch, the new Pico LED features a programmable timer for 8, 10, or 12 hours. This timer gradually increases and decreases light intensity, mimicking natural sunrise and sunset effects.

Users can adjust the maximum intensity in 10% increments and have the option to activate or deactivate the moonlight setting, which runs the light at 5% intensity during night time hours to simulate moonlight. In addition, the controller can be detached, allowing the light to be connected directly to a power supply and used with third-party timer systems for enhanced control.

Power and Spectrum Upgrades

The 2023 model boasts a significant 28.5% increase in power, increasing from 7 watts to 9 watts. This power enhancement is supported by a new onboard heat sink, which allows for higher LED intensity without the risk of overheating, thus prolonging the lifespan of the LEDs. 

The ReefBreeders Pico LED is available in 3 distinct color spectrums:

Saltwater Reef

Tailored for coral growth, this spectrum includes 1 x 6500K Cool White, 3 x 450nm Royal Blue, 1 x 420nm Violet, and 1 x 480nm Cool Blue LEDs. It effectively covers SPS corals in areas up to 10" x 10", LPS corals up to 14" x 14", and soft corals up to 16" x 16".


Ideal for various types of algae, this spectrum was a ReefBreeders innovation in 2013. It comprises 1 x 450nm Royal Blue and 5 x 660nm Deep Red LEDs, suitable for refugiums up to 18" x 18".

Freshwater/Display Refugium

Designed for both saltwater and freshwater macro-algae, this visually appealing spectrum includes 3 x 6500K Cool White, 2 x 3500K Warm White, and 1 x 450nm Royal Blue LEDs. It is perfect for tanks up to 18" x 18", especially if used as a display or for growing freshwater plants.

Physical Design and Features

The heat sink measures 2.9" in diameter, complemented by a 3.45" diameter light shield. The light's height is 1.25", attached to a 10" long flexible gooseneck mount. Key features include:

  • Dimmable controller for sunrise, sunset, and moonlight effects
  • 23% increase in power output, from 7 watts to 9 watts
  • Advanced heat sink for reduced temperature and extended LED lifespan
  • Integrated light shade to minimize light spillage outside the aquarium
  • Durable, corrosion-resistant matte black hardware
  • Comprehensive 24-month warranty in the USA.

Other Details

Gooseneck length:
Heat sink height:
Heat sink diameter:
Light shield diameter:
Fits tank trims or glass/acrylic:
up to 0.975" Thick
Maximum power:
Power Cord Length:
86" total. 15" from mount to controller, 13" including controller, 58" from power supply to controller

Warranty Information

2 year USA warranty with 3 and 4 year extended warranties available