Reef Breeders LLC covers any items purchased against manufacturing defects for a specified period of time. The length of the warranty varies from product to product, and is stated in the table below:

Product Warranty Period
Reef Breeders Photon Series 24 Months
Reef Power RPM-V2 Pumps 18 Months
Reef Breeders ATO Systems 12 Months
Reef Nano LED 24 Months
Reef Power RP-12.5, 25, & 45 24 Months
Nautilus DC Return Pumps 24 Months

If you need warranty assistance, please contact Reef Breeders LLC as soon as possible via the contact section of our website or via email.

Photon V2 Warranty: 

Continental USA:

  • The warranty period extends 24 months from the date of delivery
  • For original owners, Reef Breeders LLC will cover shipping costs for warranty repairs, provided you use our provided return labels and original packaging. Packaging can be provided for the cost of shipping if needed. 
  • The standard warranty is non-transferable, however extended warranties are. You may purchase an extended warranty up to 60 days before the original warranty expires here
  • Necessary parts and repair assistance will be provided by ReefBreeders free of charge for manufacturer’s defects. 

International Warranty:

  • The same warranty conditions apply with the exception that the cost of shipping is the owner’s responsibility. 

Replacement Lights:

  • In order to reduce downtime ReefBreeders may provide a replacement light in lieu of repairing the original light upon customer request. 
  • Replacement lights are used, repaired lights in good cosmetic and operating condition. The replacement light is a Photon V2+, and may be slightly different from your current lights due to continual upgrades made at the factory. 
  • In order to receive a replacement light, a deposit must be made prior to shipping for 1/3 the retail value of the light. This deposit will be refunded upon receipt of the original light less shipping costs. 
  • The customer is responsible for shipping charges and for return shipping on their original light. 
  •  The original light must be cleaned of any salt creep, dust, or animal hair prior to being returned to ReefBreeders LLC. If the original light is not cleaned prior to shipping, a cleaning fee will be deducted from the deposit. 
  • The original warranty period is maintained with the replacement light. ie if your original light has 12 months remaining on the warranty period, the replacement light will also have the same 12 months of warranty time remaining. 
  • The replacement light program is only available upon request in the continental USA. 

When sending a light in for warranty service, it is preferable that the original shipping box and proper packaging and tape are used. Reef Breeders LLC is not responsible for damage that occurs during shipment due to improper packaging or taping. The carrier may package the light for the customer if the original box is no longer available, however we are not responsible for any charges incurred due to packaging. The warranty does not cover damage due to high moisture levels, water, power surges, improper hanging/mounting, improper use, dust build-up or user modifications. If a light is sent in with damage that is not covered under warranty, Reef Breeders LLC may still be able to perform warranty service, however that is at our discretion and repairs may bear a cost which will be assessed prior to repairing the light. If you have any questions about our warranty policy, please contact us via our contact page.

A list of our full warranty policies can be found here.