ReefBreeders App Migration Troubleshooting Tips

If you are having trouble getting your Photons onto the new ReefBreeders app, here are some tips to get back on the right track: 


1) When connected, your lights indicator LED will be solid green, and it will respond to the color sliders during manual control mode. 

2) If your indicator LED blinks blue fast, then returns to slow blinking blue- that means the connection was unsuccessful. 

3) If connection is unsuccessful, do the following: 

a) Delete the light from the ReefBreeders app, then tap on add a device to re-add the light. 

b) Before attempting reconnection, make sure to reset the light by pressing and holding the reset button for 8 seconds. Upon a successful reset, the light will go through all 6 color channels 1 by 1, then the indicator LED will return to a blinking blue slowly. 

c) iPhone only- Do not connect to the ReefBreeders-Light_XXXXXX network until prompted to do so in the app. 


On an iPhone, that will be this Page: 


If the indicator LED is BLINKING blue: Do not go to your phones wifi settings, and do not connect to your lights network until you reach this page in the iPhone app. If the indicator LED is SOLID blue- do not open the app yet. First, you must go to your iphones wifi settings, and forget the ReefBreeders Light network. Once disconnected, the indicator LED will be blinking blue. Only then should you open the app and proceed with the connection process. 

Before tapping check connection, go to your iPhone's wifi settings, and connect to the ReefBreeders-light network. Allow the connection to stabilize. 2 things should be happening- 1) there is a blue checkmark next to the ReefBreeders-light network in your wifi settings and 2) the indicator LED is SOLID blue. Once connected, return to the ReefBreeders app, and tap on Check Connection. 

After tapping on Check Connection for the first time, iPhones have an additional step. It will prompt you to transfer your device after hitting check connection. Before tapping on transfer- be sure to go to your phones wifi settings, and FORGET the ReefBreeders light network. Then return to the ReefBreeders app, and tap on Transfer. 

Upon transferring, it will take you back to the check connection page. BEFORE tapping check connection, it's necessary to return to your wifi settings one more time, and RECONNECT to the ReefBreeders-light network. 

The transfer option only shows up the first time- after it is transferred, that is no longer necessary for that light. 

On android phones- make sure the indicator LED is blinking blue prior to opening the ReefBreeders app. If it is SOLID blue- navigate to your phone's wifi settings. Find the ReefBreeders-light Network, and tap on the gear icon. Forget the network so that you are no longer connected. Make sure the indicator LED is blinking blue before opening the ReefBreeders app. 

d) If connection is still unsuccessful, try the following: Delete, and re-install the ReefBreeders app. Ensure that location settings are enabled for the ReefBreeders app before continuing. On your phone, turn off wifi in settings. Then, turn it back on again before proceeding. 

e) After resettting your light by pressing and holding the reset button, unplug the light from the wall. Wait 30 seconds for it to fully power down, then plug it back in again. Do the same with your homes wifi router. If you have a mesh system, be sure to unplug all of the nodes along with the main unit. Allow your home network to come fully online before re-attempting the connection process. 

f) Between attempts, try clearing the ReefBreeders app from your phones background cache. 

On iPhones, this is how to do that:

On android, here is how to do that: