Reef Power RP-M V2

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Product Description

The Reef Power™ RP-M V2 is incredibly slim, yet powerful and quiet. Every Reef Power RP-M V2 includes and updated controller and impeller design and an 18 month warranty.

Updated Controller

Every Reef Power RP-M V2 includes an intuitive controller packed with features. The controls were modified for ease of use and adjustability. Additional wording and icons were added in addition to eliminating the LCD screen. The Controller has a simplified interface that gives you relevant information at a glance. The flow rate is prominently displayed up top, and the pulse speed is adjusted with a knob. Each mode has an icon that shows an approximation of the pumps behavior in that mode. A night sensor is built in, as well as a feed timer, wireless linking, and a cleaning mode with reverse spin.

Updated Impeller Design

The RP-M V2 has an updated impeller with a stronger connection to the central impeller shaft and a tapered bottom to reduce contact with the motor housing. This helps reduce noise and increase pump longevity.

Multiple Flow Patterns

M1: Constant Flow. The Pump runs at a constant speed.

M2: Pulse Mode. The pump pulses faster or slower based on the pulse knob setting.

M3: Anti-Sync Pulse Mode. The pump can be run alone, or paired with another RP-M V2 for an anti-sync pulse (one pump on, one pump off, and vice-versa).

M4: Mixed Reef Mode. The pump will alternate between constant flow and various pulse modes at random. The V2 RP-M can also control the maximum speed in this mode.

M5: SPS Mode. This is another randomized flow pattern, which changes a bit more erratically vs. Mode 4.

M6: Cleaning Mode. This runs your pump in reverse. Press and hold the Up arrow key to enter this mode. Recommended run time is 120 seconds or less.

Wireless Linking

Set your pump to Lead, Follow, or Solo to run it on its own or control a bank of pumps. For example, if you have 2 pumps, and set one to Lead, and one to Follow, the Follow pump will automatically switch modes and enter feed timers when prompted by the Lead controller. If you have pumps you want to run independently, simply set them to Solo mode.


  • Unbelievably thin profile
  • Full Featured Controller
  • 18-Month, USA warranty
  • Fully submersible
  • Extra-Long Power Cord (78")
  • 260-2,600 gph ouput
  • Glass up to 5/8" thick

Ultra Slim Profile

The RP-M V2 is about half the size of conventional powerheads with comparable output. For example, the QP-9 protrudes 3 7/8" into the aquarium, while the RP-M V2 protrudes only 2.25". How do we do this? Simple! Instead of using a conventional impeller which protrudes from the motor block and generates a narrow vortex that is directed through a nozzle, we redesigned the impeller to rotate around the motor block. This both reduces the size of the pump by nearly 50%, and produces an extremely wide yet powerful flow. This unique flow pattern is both powerful and gentle on corals. Corals all around your aquarium experience a gentle wave motion, and corals directly in front of your RP-M powerhead don't get blasted. Our new and improved impeller has more than twice the surface area of a conventional impeller with 4 blades instead of 2. This creates a more evenly distributed flow pattern and helps eliminate dead spots in your aquarium.

Fully Submersible

Our Reef Power Pumps are 100% waterproof, including the external magnet. (The controller and power supply are NOT submersible :) ). That means you can place your pump on your overflow box, or other small spaces that may be under water. There is NO dry side- just a small waterproof magnet that works on glass up to 5/8" thick. The power cord going to the pump is 6' 6" long, which allows for stealthy routing with ease.

Extended Warranty

All Reef Power Pumps include a full 18 month warranty.