Photon Link Kit Manual

Photon Link Kit Assembly Guide

Compatibility and Safety Precautions

Compatible with:

- 2 x Photon 32-V2
- 2 x Photon 24-V2
- 2 x Photon 16-V2

- 1 x Photon 48/50-V2 with 1 x 16/24 V2


Not Suitable for assemblies longer than 72" in total:

The kit's mounting legs can't support the weight of longer assemblies. However, it can be used with Photon 48 and 50 V2/V2+ if the system is suspended, not mounted. Contact us for clarification before purchasing for these models.

Secure Installation:

Ensure all bolts are tightened and mounted legs are firmly attached before placing on your aquarium. Immediately remove lights if any bending or sagging occurs. Avoid adding extra weight or accessories. Reef Breeders LLC is not liable for any damages or injuries from improper use or installation.

Installation Steps:


  1. Unwrap Photon Link Rails: Carefully remove them from the shipping box and unwrap by hand to avoid scratches. Locate the small hardware bag attached to the wrapping.

  2. Attach T-Nuts: Each set includes 8 T-nuts (4 per light). Place them on the bolts parallel to the rail, with the angled edge facing up. Rotate each T-nut twice to secure them, leaving space for the rails.

  3. Prepare Lights: Set up lights on a flat surface, preferably on a towel or soft material like the included foam packaging.

  4. Install Rails: Align rails with the top of the light, sliding them over the innermost T-nut. Use a business card or flat object to hold the first bolt in place, or a dab of superglue if needed.

  5. Position Rails: Once in place (refer to figure 1), slide the outermost T-nut and bolt set to the end of the T-Track.

  6. Add Second Fixture: Gently attach the second light to the rails, securing the inner T-nuts and bolts as before.

  7. Complete Assembly: The setup should resemble figure 2. Flip the assembly over to attach the right-angle mounting legs to the brackets and insert into the rails.

  8. Secure Mounting Legs: Flip the assembly back and fasten the legs using the included bolts. Ensure no sagging occurs.

  9. Position Above Aquarium: With assistance, carefully move the 24-pound assembly above your aquarium.

  10. Plug in Lights: Verify that everything is functioning properly.

Thank you for choosing Reef Breeders for your aquarium lighting needs! (Refer to figure 2 for final setup.)

Figure 1

Figure 2