Reef Breeders Exo-ATO

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Product Description

The Reef Breeders Exo-ATO (External ATO) is one of the first ATO systems to contain all electronics outside of your aquarium. The controller and sensor mount to the outside of the glass, and a small magnetic ring is inserted at your desired water level. That leaves only a 1/2" thick x 1" diameter ring inside your sump, so it will fit easily in clear acrylic or glass sumps!

Fully Self-Contained.

The Reef Breeders Exo-ATO is fully self-contained, meaning the controller, sensor, and backup functions are all contained in one small central unit. There is one plug for power in, and another plug for power out to the pump (included). That's it. No more controllers to mount in your aquarium stand, and no more obtrusive sensors in your sump!

Intelligent. Redundant.

Every Exo-ATO has a computer onboard with several built in safety features which are listed below:

  • Frequency Alert: The system will beep to notify you that your aquarium has not been topped off for an unusual amount of time, at least 24 hours and double the average time between Top Off. Ex: if the Avg. time between topping of is 12 hours, the system will notify you after 24 hours of not topping off.
  • Overfill Alert: The system develops and average time that the pump is running each time the system is activated. If the system detects that liquid has been dispensed for more than 3x that average baseline time, it will shut the pump off and create an audible alarm.
  • Empty Reservoir Alert: The system can detect when the top off pump is drawing excess air/running dry and automatically shut the pump off and create and audible alarm.
  • Sensor Obstruction Alert: The system will detect if the in-tank sensor needs to be cleaned, is being obstructed, or is out of alignment. This is denoted by a flashing blue light.

All Inclusive.

The Reef Breeders Exo-ATO includes everything you need to get started- Just add water! The Exo-Ato system includes the sensor/magnet lens pair, a small dc power supply, a pump, tubing, and a tubing holder that fits most sump trims. They can also be used in the return chamber of all in one aquariums 20g or larger. Designed for clear glass or acrylic up to 0.20 inches (5mm) in thickness.

Every Reef Breeders Exo-ATO includes a full 12 month USA warranty.

Ships from Wakefield, RI USA