Extension Cable for Nautilus and Reef Power Pumps

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Product Description

This extension cable measures 100cm (3.5 feet) long and is designed to extend the cable from your pump's controller to your pump. This is ideal for pumps in hard to reach locations, or fo those with longer tanks who want to centralize the location of their controllers.

Note that the connectors are not waterproof and can not be placed under water. There is a maximum of 2 extension cables allowed per pump, adding more will void the pumps warranty. It's recommended that with 2 extension cables the maximum flow is reduced by at least 10%. (ie on RP-Ms, reduce FL: from 20 to a maximum of 18 or less).

These power cords are compatible with all Reef Power pumps, Nautilus Pump DC-1600 or smaller. They are also compatible with other brands of DC pumps and wavemakers with the same 3 prong cord type. Note- pumps larger than 7,000LPH or 1,750 GPH are not compatible.