Photon 50-V2+ (Legacy Model)

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Product Description

ReefBreeders Photon 50-V2+

Discover the Photon V2+ LED Aquarium Light by ReefBreeders, a cutting-edge advancement in aquarium lighting. This sleek, user-friendly unit offers easy control with an included hand-held wireless remote. Ideal for enhancing the growth and color of aquatic life, the Photon V2+ represents the perfect blend of innovation and practicality for aquarium enthusiasts.

Key to the Photon V2+ are its advanced, powerful, and high-efficient LEDs; including 5 watt Cree XT-Es and 3 watt diodes from Cree, Semi, and Osram. This mix ensures that the Photon V2+ is equipped with the latest advancements in LED technology. It also features six dimmable channels, providing meticulous control over a diverse color spectrum.

Advanced Control without WiFi - Understanding the V2+ Controller

Photon V2+ Unique Controller: Enhanced User Experience

The Photon V2+ utilizes a wireless hand-held remote for programming. This remote interacts directly with the Photon V2+ lights, offering control over light intensities set for each hour of the day and night cycle. The V2+ Controller breaks down each hour into ten ramping increments, resulting in smoother transitions and more natural day-to-night shifts. 

The Photon V2+ is the predecessor to the Photon V2-Pro. The + model utilizes a hand held wireless controller, which is not wifi enabled. If you'd prefer to use a smartphone app to control your light, we recommend purchasing the Photon V2 Pro. The V2+ can be easily upgraded to the pro model by installing the Reef Nexus Integration Kit. 

Durable Build and Silent Operation

The Photon V2+ is designed with extensive input from reef keeping professionals, researchers, and seasoned hobbyists. It targets both chlorophyll a & c plus accessory proteins in coral tissues, promoting healthy growth and vivid colors. The efficacy of our lighting layout is widely recognized and praised by our customers.

Constructed with a slim, 100% extruded aluminum casing, the Photon V2+ is both durable and resistant to rust, a marked improvement over the steel casings used in traditional black box lights. The light comes with adjustable tank mounting legs and a standard hanging set, and features a T track for flexible mounting options.

The unit's cooling is managed by silent, temperature-controlled fans, ensuring air circulation over the heat-sink without compromising the internal electronics, keeping all components cool and dry. The heat sink is incredibly effective- in most cases the light can cool its self entirely without the heat sink, the temperature activated fans turn on as needed. 

The exact dimming channel breakdown is as follows:

Channel Color QTY Brand Power Spectrum
Channel 1 Deep Red 4 Osram 3watt 660nm
Channel 2 Green 4 Semi LED 3watt 520nm
Channel 3 Royal Blue 24 Cree XT-E 5watt 450nm
Channel 4 Neutral White 20 Cree XP-E 5watt 5500K
Channel 5 Cool Blue 16 Cree XP-E 3watt 480nm
Channel 6 Violet 20 Semi LED 3watt 420nm


Other Details

Product Length:
47.5" light body - 48.75" including power cord and endcap
Product Width/Height:
8.5" x 1"
Maximum Power:
Power Cord Length:
15 feet: 9 feet from light to power supply, 6 feet from power supply to wall
Recommended Mounting Height:
6-15" above waterline
Number of LEDs:
Coverage Area SPS:
55" x 24"
Coverage Area Mixed Reef:
60" x 24"
Coverage Area Softy/FOWLR:
72" x 24"
Control Method:
Hand Held Wireless Remote

Warranty Information

2 Years default with 3 and 4 year warranty extensions available