Photon 16-V2 Pro

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P16-V2 Pro
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Product Description

ReefBreeders Photon 16-V2 Pro

The Photon V2 Pro by ReefBreeders introduces an innovative approach to aquarium lighting management with the Reef Nexus app. This smartphone-compatible application provides cloud-based, wireless control, allowing for easy and intuitive programming of your lighting system.

Natural Lighting Simulation & Moonlight Cycle

The app's key features include smooth gradient ramping that simulates natural sunrise and sunset, and a 28-day moonlight cycle that adjusts moonlight intensity according to the lunar phase, enhancing the natural environment for your reef tank.

Easy Integration and Global Connectivity

Link multiple Photon V2 Pros for coordinated control, or operate them independently for flexible lighting setups. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can adjust your settings from anywhere globally, as long as you have internet access.

High-Quality LEDs for Optimal Reef Lighting

The Photon V2 Pro boasts high-grade 5 watt Cree XT-Es, and 3 watt Cree, Semi, and Osram diodes, across six color channels. This allows for precise control over every aspect of your reef tank's lighting, ensuring optimal conditions for coral growth and coloration.

Expertly Designed for Coral Health

Developed with extensive reef-keeping expertise, the Photon V2 Pro's color configuration targets both chlorophyll and accessory proteins in coral tissues, promoting both growth and vibrant coloration.

Durable and Versatile Construction

Constructed from 100% extruded aluminum, the Photon V2 Pro offers superior durability compared to standard plastic cases. It includes adjustable tank mounting legs and a standard hanging set, with a T track for customizable mounting options.

Silent Cooling Technology

The unit's silent, temperature-controlled fans ensure efficient cooling, safeguarding the internal components from heat without risking exposure to moisture.

Enhanced Wireless Connectivity

Equipped with a 2.4GHz wireless chip, the Photon V2 Pro seamlessly connects to the Reef Nexus app. Note that a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi signal and internet access are required for optimal functionality.

Comprehensive Warranty and Support

Backed by a full 2-year warranty in the USA, the Photon V2 Pro’s warranty covers parts, labor, and shipping for the entire fixture and controller. Extended warranty options are also available.

Precise Color Control for Reef Tanks

With a detailed dimming channel breakdown, the Photon V2 Pro provides granular control over your reef tank's lighting, catering to the specific needs of your aquatic environment.

The exact dimming channel breakdown is as follows:

Channel Color QTY Brand Power Spectrum
Channel 1 Deep Red 2 Osram 3watt 660nm
Channel 2 Green 2 Semi LED 3watt 520nm
Channel 3 Royal Blue 8 Cree XT-E 5watt 450nm
Channel 4 Neutral White 10 Cree XP-E 5watt 5500K
Channel 5 Cool Blue 8 Cree XP-E 3watt 480nm
Channel 6 Violet 6 Semi LED 3watt 420nm



Other Details

Product Length:
15.75" light body - 16.75" including power cord and endcap
Product Width/Height:
Maximum Power:
Power Cord Length:
15 feet: 9 feet from light to power supply, 6 feet from power supply to wall
Recommended Mounting Height:
8-15" above waterline
Number of LEDs:
Coverage Area SPS:
24" x 24"
Coverage Area Mixed Reef:
26" x 24"
Coverage Area Softy/FOWLR:
30" x 24"

Warranty Information

2 years default with 3 and 4 year warranty extensions available