LumenBar V2 48"

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Product Description

ReefBreeders LumenBar V2 48"

The LumenBar V2 includes a fully programmable dimmer and timer. Every LumenBar V2 is IP65 water-resistant, and has an ultra-thin 1" width and height. The LEDs are all 3watt Epistar chips run at a lower wattage for optimal efficiency. These are the perfect add-on for any LED or T5/MH system, and they easily integrate with our Photon V2 lights. The LumenBar Color can even be used independently to light a reef tank, planted tank, or refugium depending on the color you choose!

Full Control:

The LumenBar V2 includes a built in timer and dimmer. For a simple program, you can set the on and off time, and your LumenBar will automatically ramp up gradually to full power, then ramp down and shut off for a full sunrise and sunset effect. You can also manually set up to 8 timer points for a more advanced daily schedule. The brightness can be set in 10% increments from 0% to 100%.

The Colors:

Royal Ice- 50/50 480nm Cool Blue and 450nm Royal Blue- perfect for adding some color POP

Blue/UV Hybrid- A balanced mix of 430nm violet, 450nm Royal Blue, 380nm UV, and 480nm Cool Blue. Great mix of color pop and brightness.

HO (High Octane) UV- Mix of 430nm, 410nm, 405nm violet, and 380nm UV- guaranteed to make your SPS corals happy :)

Reefer 14K– Optimal mix of white and colored LEDs with a 14,000K output

Click HERE to view a detailed layout for each LumenBar V2


The Hardware-

Each LumenBar V2 includes a custom made articulating mounting bracket, which easily integrates with any T slot, including the ones built into every Photon V2+/Pro. You can use 2020 T slot to easily combine multiple LumenBar Color strips into a full-size reef light.

All LumenBar V2 LED Bars are designed to work with Your ATI Sunpower with no additional hardware required. Included with Your brackets are washers to expand the size of the bolts on your ATI Sunpower's case.

The LumenBar V2 is built using high quality aluminum, and is IP65 water resistant so it can stand up to the splashing occasionally seen in reef tanks. Each LumenBar has an Ultra-Slim 1" x 1" profile. The LumenBar V2 48" Measures 120cm, or 47.25" in total length.

The LumenBar V2 48" has 36 x 3watt LEDs and is 47.25" long. It is designed to work with our Photon 32, 48, and 50-V2 and the ATI Supower 48".

The Best of Both Worlds.

For those who want T-5 Supplements, but not the large reflectors, bulb changes, and the heat that comes with them, this is the light for you!

Each of our layouts are designed to closely match the output of a T-5 bulb, and our High Octane UV LED supplement bars are one of the only ones on the market with true 385nm UV and 430nm Violet onboard- similar to a true T-5 HO actinic bulb. Every LumenBar Color has a similar wattage draw to an XHO T-5 bulb of the same length, with the added benefit of being nearly twice as efficient, much slimmer, and not requiring any bulb changes.

The LumenBar 48" is equivalent to a 48" 54watt T-5HO Bulb in output, with significantly less heat, bulk, and power draw- and no bulb changes, of course!

All LumenBar V2s have a 24 month USA warranty.


Warranty Information

2 years USA warranty