6mm Wire Hanger for Lights (Set of 2)

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Replacement hanger for the Photon V2/V2+ Each unit ordered is a set of 2, which secures to the 6mm bolts on top of your light. They adjust from 6″ to 30″ above the light and end at a carabiner.

Note: The larger hangers for the 32, 48, and 48-Long V1s are no longer in production. You can remove the original hanging pegs and install 6mm bolts to make your lights compatible with the smaller hanger size. We also have adapters upon request.

2 reviews for 6mm Wire Hanger for Lights (Set of 2)

  1. Robert Coggeshall (verified owner)

    it is so much easier with the lights hung and not resting on the top of the aquarium. The hangers were not hard at all to install

  2. Danny D. (verified owner)

    Fast response!! Even faster shipping!!! Thanks!!!

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