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The new QP-5+ pump has a new compact design paired with an advanced controller. Up t0 1,300gph

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The Coral Box QP+ is the latest pump from Coral Box. Their smaller profile saves space in your aquarium, and the new controller makes programming your pump quick and easy.

The Coral Box Quiet Pump is a vast improvement on the Jebao pumps. Jebao OW, SW, RW, WP and other Jebao pumps often experience motor failure within 6 months. Coral Box Quiet Pumps eliminate this issue by moving power management from the motor block to the controller. Our new smart controllers have onboard circuits which adapt to your pump and protect your motor from damage.

The new Quiet Pump Plus controllers bring unmatched value and control to your aquarium. Every QP pump includes an intuitive controller with a built in timer, reverse mode master/slave linking, a light sensor, anti-sync pulsing, sine wave pulsing, and more!

The Coral Box QP Plus has a slimmer profile with an innovative corkscrew output nozzle. That means more room for your corals, and a more dispersed variable flow pattern. The articulating magnet mount allows a wide range of motion so you can aim your pump’s flow where you need it most.

The QP-5 Plus pumps can go down as low as 5% power, or 80 gal/hour, or as high as 100% power, or 1,300 gal/hour.

The QP-5 Plus is a bit more powerful than the RW/PP-4 and WP-10 in output, and is smaller in size, and quieter than the QP-5.

Every Coral Box QP-5 purchased with Reef Breeders includes our 12 month USA warranty.

Ships From Wakefield, RI USA

Additional information

Product Dimensions

2" Diameter, 2.75" Length

Coverage Area

5-45 gallons, 8" to 20" of tank per pump

Flow Type

Concentrated cone shaped output

GPH Range

150-1,300 GPH

Maximum Glass Thickness


Wave Strength

Low- Ideal for mixed reef/LPS


7 Mode Flow Controller with onboard timer and wireless linking. 10 minute and 20 minute feed timer., Auto shutoff when pump runs dry, Sine wave noise reduction

3rd Party Control

Apex with Aqualink A1, app with Aqualink T1 V2

Included Accessories

Controller, Manual, Power Supply

Actual Wattage Draw

14 watts max, 90-220v AC Input | 24V 1amp DC Output


12 Months USA

12 reviews for Coral Box QP-5 Plus

  1. Erik (verified owner)

    Excellent and powerful little powerhead. It’s extremely quiet and provides more than enough flow for my IM25 Lagoon Reef tank. The programmable time slots are a great feature for setting feeding schedules and mixing between modes. Reef Breeders again providing another quality product!

  2. Kyle (verified owner)

    2 of these work great for my 40 breeder! Highly recommended.

  3. Jeff

    Only had the QP-5 Plus on my 25 Lagoon mixed reef for a few days, but can say this is an impressive little programable wave maker. Timer mode at this price is really cool. Moves a lot of water for its size and is quiet.

  4. Katie James (verified owner)

  5. William J. (verified owner)

    The smallest wave maker but powerful at 1300 gph. I installed a pair of these in a client’s 65g reef display to replace the weak Hydor fans that were twice the size of the QP-5’s size. Add much needed water movement and took up much less space in the nano reef.

  6. Kevin (verified owner)

  7. HEATH KENT (verified owner)

  8. Jennifer Moore (verified owner)

    I bought two of these for my 40 breeder and so far they work perfectly! They are very quiet, easy to install and after playing with the settings a little they are very easy to use and the magnet is very strong as well. Highly recommended

  9. Michael H. (verified owner)

    I bought a second qp5 plus powerhead after owning one for a year with no complaints. I can’t believe this pump isn’t the most popular pump on the market because of all the features it has…

    Most importantly Reefbreeders customers service is the BEST

  10. Mark A. (verified owner)

    Received this little pump on time and in perfect condition. using in a 20L frag grow out tank. It is perfect for my needs. Plenty powerful, have to dial it back. Quiet and easy to set up. I called customer service and had a nice chat about delivery. I’ll be checking out more ReefBreeders gear.

  11. HEATH KENT (verified owner)

  12. Anonymous (verified owner)

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