Coral Box DCA Skimmer Pumps

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The Coral Box DCA Skimmer Pumps are perfect replacements for your old skimmer pump, and can be used to upgrade older model Coral Box Skimmers to include the float switch in the D+ series.

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The Coral Box DCA Skimmer pumps include an upgraded needlewheel impeller, as well as an air intake and silencer, making them ready to install with most protein skimmers. The Coral Box DCA2,000, 3,000 and 4,000 come apex ready (VDM adapter cable sold separately). All of the DCA skimmer pumps include a check valve which can be installed in any skimmer collection cup to automatically shut the skimmer off when the cup is full.

The DCA1,200 fits the Coral Box D300+, the DCA2,000 fits the Coral Box D500/+, the DCA3,000 fits the Coral Box D700/+, and the DCA4,000 fits the Cloud C9. These will also fit in similar sized Reef Octopus, Bubble Magus, and Skimz brand skimmers, along with many others.

All Coral Box DCA pumps ordered at include our full 12 month, USA warranty.

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    arrived doubled boxed and ready to go

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