Photon 50-V2 Pro (Reconditioned B-Grade)


The Photon 50-V2 Pro is ideal for 48″-60″ long sps or mixed reef tanks.

They can also be used on 72″ fish only/mixed reef tanks with an 18″ mounting height and some low light areas on the far ends.

Each Light Measures 47.5″ x 8.5″ x 1″ tall.

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These lights are used and have been refurbished using brand new factory parts. These particular lights have a gold stripe and minor scratches on the endcap (which isn’t visible from the front long side of the light). These are considered “B Grade”- they have some minor cosmetic damage and have been used for about 12 months. Refurbished lights come with a 12 month warranty from ReefBreeders, with the option to purchase an extended warranty.


The Photon V2 Pro uses the long awaited Reef Nexus app for next level control from your smartphone. The Reef Nexus app allows for full cloud based wireless control. The Reef Nexus app simplifies programming, and allows you to choose from a variety of presets and user created programs as well as designing your own custom program.

The Reef Nexus app adds many new control capabilities and is continually updated with new features. One major upgrade is extremely smooth gradient ramping. Your light will automatically and gradually ramp up and down, just like a natural sunrise and sunset. There is a 28 day moonlight cycle built in, which automatically raises and lowers the intensity of your moonlights based on the current moon phase.

You can link multiple Photon V2 Pros together under the same program group, or run them separately. This makes running multiple Photon V2 Pros a breeze.

The Reef Nexus app is fully cloud based. After connecting to your home’s wireless router you can control your Photon V2 Pro from anywhere in the world you’re connected to the internet.

The Photon V2 Pro uses 5 watt Cree XT-Es, and 3 watt Cree, Semi, and Osram diodes. There are 6 color channels, so you can have precise control over every color.

The Photon V2 Pro color layout is based on years of reef keeping, research, and consulting with experts and renowned hobbyists on the subject of LED lighting and your corals. We target both chlorophyll and the accessory proteins in coral tissues which aide in growth and color. Our layout is one of the best around and has been for years! We kept the same LED layout for the Photon V2 Pros. If you already have an older Photon V2 or V2+, you can easily upgrade to the latest and greatest with our Reef Nexus Integration Kit.

Each light is constructed of a slim, 100% extruded aluminum heat sink which is robust and built to last, unlike the plastic cases used by most competitors. Each light includes adjustable tank mounting legs as well as the standard hanging set. Alternatively, you can use the T track on top of the light with your own bolts, for almost limitless mounting configurations. We include everything you need to hang/mount your light- no extra hardware required for most tanks.

The Photon V2 Pros are cooled with silent, temperature-controlled fans. The Air moves over the heat-sink and never comes into contact with the internal electronics, keeping all components cool and dry.

The new Photon V2 Pro includes a 2.4GHz wireless chip designed to connect to our Reef Nexus app.

Please do note that a wireless router with a 2.4GHz signal and internet connection is required.

The Photon V2 Pro  is backed in the USA by our full 2 year warranty, which covers parts, labor, and shipping for the entire fixture and controller, both ways. Extended 3 year and 4 year warranties are available for purchase as well.

The exact dimming channel breakdown is as follows:

Channel 1 Deep Red 4 Osram 3watt 660nm
Channel 2 Green 4 Semi LED 3watt 520nm
Channel 3 Royal Blue 24 Cree XT-E 5watt 450nm
Channel 4 White 20 Cree XP-E 5watt 5500K
Channel 5 Cool Blue 16 Cree XP-E 3watt 480nm
Channel 6 Violet 20 Semi LED 3watt 420nm

Click Here to download our layout.

Click Here to Read the User Manual



Additional information

Weight 27.45 lbs
Dimensions 52.5 × 6.5 × 12.5 in
Product Dimensions

47.5" x 8.5" x 1"

Coverage Area

FOLWR/Softies: 72" x 24" x 36" (minimum 18" mounting height), Mixed Reef: 60" x 24" x 30", SPS: 48" x 24" x 30", SPS: 60" x 24" x 30"

Number of LEDs

88 5watt and 3watt LEDs


100 Degree TIR

Actual Wattage Draw

240watts Max, 90-240V AC Input | 48V 5.2amp DC Power Supply


6 Control Channels, Full Sunrise, Sunset, and Moonlight Ramping, Reef Nexus app on iOS/Android

Included Accessories

Adjustable Ceiling Suspension Kit, Manual, Power Supply, Tank Mounting Legs


24 Months USA, 36 Months Available, 48 Months Available


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