Coral Box Pump Rotator



The Coral Box Pump Rotator is perfect for adding wide, sweeping flow to your aquarium. Now you can at randomized flow patterns at an affordable price!

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The new Coral Box Pump Rotator works with any submersible wave maker to create sweeping flow patterns in your aquarium. It slowly rotates your pump back and forth a total of 86 degrees.

The included mounting bracket is compatible with rimless aquariums up to 3/4″ thick, or euro brace trim. Currently they are not compatible with unmodified plastic aquarium trim.

The pump can be lowered up to 8.5″ below the water’s surface on center (10″ at the bottom of the pump) and the downpipe can be trimmed for shallower aquariums. The mounting bracket supports submersible magnets or suction cups up to 3″ in diameter.

They are compatible with any coral box or jebao pump, as well as the Reef Power RPM, Koralias, Tunze, Nero, and other fully submersible pumps. Note they are not compatible with non-submersible pumps like vortechs.

Each unit includes a DC power supply and a 6 foot power cord from the power supply to the unit. Extensions are available to increase the cord length.

Note: Product is all black with a black pump mount and clear tube, not white and blue as pictured. 

Ships from Wakefield, RI USA


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