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The Aqualink Controller adds Apex control to your Jebao Pumps

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The Aqualink A1 Brings Apex control to your DCT, DCS, DCP, QP and Crossflow pumps!

If you have an apex and would like to control your Coral Box gear, the A1 adapter is for you. Each A1 adapter will replace the controller of one pump and allow you to plug it into your Apex VDM port for full control via Apex.

(For the Original DC, PP, RW, and WP Pumps, use the regular Apex Adapter)

Each Aqualink A1 controls one pump, allowing you to program it¬†using your apex system’s 0-10v output.

Here is a chart that lists the pumps compatible with each Aqualink Controller.

Pump Function DC Pumps Wavemakers Gyres
Aqualink A1 Apex Integration DCS/DCT, DCP (10,000 or smaller) QP-9+ and 16+ CP-25/90, CP-40/120, XF-150
Aqualink S1 App Control DC Series (NOT DCS, DCS, etc.) WP, RP, PP, FS, SW
Aqualink T1 V2 App Control DCA and DCS series. DCP and DCW series (10,000 or smaller) OW Series, QP/QP+, RP-M and RN-1 CP-25/90, CP-40/120, XF-150
Apex Adapter Apex Integration Jebao DC Series (NOT DCA, DCS, etc.) WP, RP, PP, FS, SW Not Compatible


We warranty the Aqualink A1 for 12 Months from the date of purchase.

In Stock in Wakefield, RI USA.

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