Nautilus DC Pump Setup Guide

Getting Started

  1. Mount your controller in a dry location away from splashing water.
  2. Plug the pump into the controller, then secure the plug with the water-resistant fitting. Be sure to run a drop loop between the pump and controller.
  3. Plug the power supply into the controller first, then plug the power supply into the wall.
    NOTE: The Power supply should be plugged into the BOTTOM of the controller- not the right hand side. The port on the right hand side is meant for the optional float switch.
  4. Press the up and down arrow keys to adjust the flow rate. Each LED corresponds to about 10% power.
  5. Press the feed button 1x for a 10 minute feed time, 2x for 20 minutes, 3x for 50 minutes, and a 4th time to cancel the feed timer early.

0-10V Control

To use the Nautilus DC pumps with a 3rd party 0-10v controller like the Apex, GHL, Coralvue, or other controllers, an adapter cable is required. Our adapter cable will work with the Apex VDM out of the box. However, you can also easily use it with any other 0-10v analog controller by simply cutting off the ethernet jack, and using the red/blue (+/-) wires directly.

  1. With your controller setup to run the pump- press and hold the down arrow key to enter 0-10v control mode.
  2. Plug the adapter cable into the 3.5mm jack on the right hand side of the controller, and plug the other end into your external controller’s 0-10v port. Each adapter cable has 2 sets of wires- and can be used on 2 separate pumps.
  3. When the controller shows the middle 4 LEDs lit, it is in 0-10v control mode, and will respond to inputs from your 3rd party controller.
  4. To exit 0-10v Control mode, press and hold the down arrow key again.

Emergency Float Accessory

The emergency float switch is an optional accessory that will deactivate your pump and sound an alarm when the water level is low, or high (depending on the orientation of the float switch).

  1. Plug the float switch into the barrel jack connector on the right hand side of your controller.
  2. Place it in the desired location, and test it to make sure it works as desired. If the float is working, it will shut the pump off and sound an audible alarm when triggered.
  3. To reverse the float and change from low to high level alarms, simply remove the plastic pin on the bottom. Slide the float off, then flip it over 180 degrees, and re-install it.