Meet the Team

Logan Vanghele, Founder and CEO

About Logan:

I have been interested in aquatic life as long as I can remember. As a child I spent my summers exploring wetlands, and every time my family went to the beach I spent the whole day snorkeling and diving in the ocean. I kept tropical fish as well as a koi pond and turtles, and I attended aquaculture school in Bridgeport, CT during my high school years. I started my first reef tank as a freshman in high school, and with no money to support my hobby I began raising phytoplankton and zooplankton for marine fish breeders to fund my aquariums. 

My first reef tank was illuminated with metal halides, and that first summer the air conditioning was broken. A heat wave meant that I was forced to shut the lights down most of the day, and my corals suffered as a result. I spent a great deal of time delving into the intricacies and science of reef lighting and discovered LEDs as an alternative to conventional light sources. I was unable to afford the lighting options available at the time, so I built my own from a DIY kit. After that, I saved up and ordered a light with my own LED layout. The factory sent me 3 lights by mistake -and expected payment for the extra lights- so I sold them on a reef keeping forum, and ordered more. From there I brought in wave makers, return pumps, and protein skimmers. 

I attended the University of Rhode Island (URI) with a major in Business Administration. During my first 2 years my family was instrumental in keeping ReefBreeders going- they helped me with shipping and kept my reef tanks running. My mom, a graphic designer- was instrumental in designing my logo and other graphics, and I am forever grateful for her help (she made the very pamphlet you are reading now!). The summer of my sophomore year, I loaded up my dad’s truck, rented a trailer, and moved ReefBreeders to Rhode Island. 

After graduating URI in 2018 ReefBreeders became a full time career. I travelled the country attending tradeshows, which gave me the opportunity to meet many influential people in the aquarium hobby. In 2019 Liam came onboard and helped ReefBreeders reach retailers around the world, and in 2021 ReefBreeders moved to a new, larger facility in Rhode Island. These days I am still and avid reef-keeper, with a 60 gallon cube with a breeding pair of clownfish, and a 5 gallon seahorse tank. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have made a career out of my passion for aquariums, and I look forward to the future of ReefBreeders. 

About Liam:

I’ve loved the ocean and everything about it for as long as I can remember.  Early years surrounded by my Papa’s fish tank led to my own adventures in keeping aquariums.  Like many, I chose marine biology as my ultimate goal.  As often happens, youthful goals turned into adult realities and my path diverted. After working in sales for Verizon and Mercedes-Benz, I landed at a corporate AT&T store.  

When my son Bowie was born, I found my passion for the saltwater hobby reignited.  I found a used 125 gallon for sale locally, livestock included.  Five years later and I still have the sailfin who enjoys pets and eating out of my hand.  Six months back into the hobby and I decided to jump into coral. Enter my introduction to Reef Breeders…

After fruitless attempts to buy ReefBreeders lights locally, I realized this wonderful brand was underrepresented. I reached out to Logan and asked to work as his sales rep.  He declined.  Fast forward to a regional reef show where I met Logan in person and was able to demonstrate just how I’d be able to help.  Starting as commission only, I worked my way up through hard work and a love for the aquarium industry.  

I continue to visit fish stores daily making connections and fostering my love for the hobby.  It has been a wild ride with challenges and ups & downs but when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.  I’m most proud of our commitment to sustainability.  From removing plastic from our packaging, collaborating with CRF through donations and volunteer work, and promoting aquaculture and education, I’m beyond excited for what my future holds here with Reef Breeders.