LumenBar V2 FAQ

LumenBar V2 simple setup instructions

1) Plug the light in- the time will flash on the screen. If you’re having difficulty seeing the screen, hold it at a downwards angle and it will be clearer. 

2) Press the up arrow to select the current hour- it starts at midnight so you will need to go up until it shows PM on the left of the clock if you’re in the afternoon. 

3)Press the gear icon to proceed to the minutes, and set the current time. Then press the gear icon again, it will show “12H” (ie, AM/PM)- press the gear icon again to safe if you’d like to keep 12H time, or press the up/down arrow first to toggle 24H “military” time. 

4) Press the gear icon again, and you should see “Day L ON” Flashing. 

5) While Day L ON is still flashing-Press and hold the gear icon for 3 seconds, it should show “ON” on both sides on the bottom. 

6) Press the gear icon again to proceed to setting the on time hour, then press the gear icon to proceed to the on time minutes, then again to proceed to off time, etc. Once on/off time are set, press the gear icon again to save. 

7) The light will then run from the on time to the off time, automatically ramping up and down throughout the day, peaking at 100% power.

Advanced Timer Instructions

If you would like your LumenBar V2 to ramp up to a maximum power less than 100%, or want a more complex program, the advanced settings are recommended. The Advanced timer setting allows you to set 8 points throughout the day.

  1. Press and Hold the Gear Button and the Light Button at the same time for 3 seconds. You should see “OFF” on the screen when the buttons are pressed successfully.
  2. Set the advanced timer to ON by pressing either the up or down arrow. Then press the Gear button to proceed to setting the first timer point.
  3. Your screen should show L1 with a percentage flashing next to it. Choose from 10-100% power- this is the first timer setting, so it’s recommended that you choose a low value here if you want a longer ramp up time- 10 or 20 for example. If you want your bar to ramp up fast and hold a set %, ie 50% power- then simply set this to 50.
  4. Press the Gear Button again to set the start time hour- be sure that AM/PM is correct as well. If it’s a PM hour, PM will show to the left of the hour. For AM hours the space to the left of the hour will be blank. Press the Gear button again to proceed to the on time minute, and again to proceed to the L1 end time hour, and again to set the minutes. L1 is the time your LumenBar will turn on.
  5. Press the Gear button again to proceed to the L2 percentage. The start time is automatically set based on L1’s end time. Set the end time then proceed to L3 and so on. You can skip some set points by simply setting the end time the same as the start time.
  6. You will want your light to peak around set points L3-L4 so set those to the highest settings you want your LumenBar to ramp up to. L6 should be ramping down from L5, and L6 should be ramping down from L5.
  7. L6 is your desired off time- be sure to set the End time here to the time you want your bar to shut off.
  8. Proceed to L7, and set the percent to 0– and have the end time about 1 hour later. If you prefer to have the bar on at low intensity overnight- set L7 to 10% instead. It will run through the night for moonlights.
  9. Proceed to L8- and set the percent to 0. The end time should be just before L1 starts- L8 is the night time hours.
  10. Press the Gear Icon again to save the program. If you miss something or want to make changes, you can press and hold the Gear and Light buttons again, then keep hitting the gear icon to go through each timer slot in order, making edits as desired.