Our Commitment to Charitable Outreach

In 2021 we partnered with Coral Restoration Foundation™ to help restore Florida’s Coral Reef. CRF™ is committed to restoring this crucial reef habitat, which has lost more than 97% of its once-dominant coral populations. CRF™ raises corals in their massive offshore coral nurseries and then rehomes them in their natural habitat. We look forward to helping Coral Restoration Foundation™ further their efforts to restore Florida’s Coral Reef – a national treasure. So far we have donate $7,600 to CRF™.
For more information on Coral Restoration Foundation™, visit their website at www.coralrestoration.org

Liam cleaning Coral Trees™ at one of CRF™’s coral nurseries in July 2021
Liam (Left) and Logan (Right) ready to dive at Coralpalooza™ 2021 in Key West