Our Commitment to Charitable Outreach

ReefBreeders started in 2011 in my parents garage with several cultures of phytoplankton, followed by copepods and rotifers for marine ornamental fish breeders. Since then I have remained committed to advancing aquaculture initiatives. I built my very first LED light less than a year later after seeing the potential for increased coral growth and energy efficiency, as well as reduced waste from bulb changes. I started ReefBreeders out of a love for the ocean and the beauty of our coral reefs. Unfortunately, our reefs in the wild are nowhere near as healthy as they were just decades ago.
-Logan Vanghele, ReefBreeders founder

In 2021 we partnered with the Coral Restoration Foundation to help restore the Florida Reef Tract. CRF is committed to restoring this crucial reef habitat, which is estimated to have degraded over 90% from its once pristine state. CRF grows corals using advanced mariculture techniques, and transplants them back into their natural habitat. We are the first company since 2014 to partner with CRF by putting their logo on select products, most of which will be made available in June of 2021. For every product purchased with the Coral Restoration Foundation logo on it, we will donate $5 to their reef restoration efforts. There is no limit or cap on these donations. At the end of each year we will update this page with the total donations made. We look forward to helping The Coral Restoration Foundation further their efforts to restore the Florida Reef Tract.

For more information on the Coral Restoration Foundation, visit their website at www.coralrestoration.org