BOT Mount V2 FAQ

How to Setup my BOT Mount:

All Included Components and Hardware
  1. Remove all parts from the box, and if your light is already setup, unplug and remove it from your aquarium.
  2. Remove one of the end-caps from your Photon, and slide out the original bolts. Slide the included XL bolts into the T track in their place, 2 on each side.
  3. Partially thread in the stainless-steel thumbscrews to each U-Bracket, then insert the Right-Angled upright portion into the square slot. When you reach your desired mounting height, firmly tighten all 4 screws by hand to secure the upright.
  4. Partially thread in the plastic thumb-screws, then place the assembly over the back of your aquarium in your desired location. Try to space them evenly and keep in mind that they must be positioned closer together than the length of your light. ie, a Photon 48-V2 Pro can’t have the mounts more than 43″ apart. Also keep in mind they should be space out a bit. Ideally, you want to position the BOT mounts on each end of the light, though they can be positioned closer together if overflows etc. interfere with that position.
  5. Secure the U-brackets to your tank. You can use the included 1/4″ shims between the plastic thumbscrews and your aquarium glass, but that part is optional. All screws are hand-tightened only.
  6. Now that the upright assembly is on your aquarium, take the telescoping arms and position them on top of your Photon. Insert the XL bolts into the holes at the bottom. For reference, the plastic end-caps should be facing away from the back of your aquarium, and the stainless-steel button pin should be facing upwards so that it can snap into place.
  7. Partially thread in the black cap nuts to secure your light to the telescoping arms. Make sure they hold the light in place, but be sure to allow a looser fit in order to match the telescoping arms up to the upright portion.
  8. With another person’s assistance or other safeguards to ensure your light does not drop into the tank (ie boards placed over the aquarium during assembly) guide the light and telescoping arms into position. Insert the telescoping arms into the uprights, and make sure that the button pin snaps into the first hole.
  9. Once the assembly is snapped into the first hole, use the included Allen Wrench to tighten the cap nuts. They do not need to be super tight- just snug them up to secure the light with 1 finger.
  10. With the cap nuts secured, snap your light into the desired position. For tanks 24″ front to back, the very first button may already be the ideal location. For 18″ front to back tanks, you may want to go all the way in. Push the snap buttons in using the Allen Wrench or a finger, then push the assembly in one button at a time until the desired position is reached.
  11. If height adjustment is required after installation, it’s recommended that you do so with assistance. One side at a a time, hold the light in place, then loosen the 2 thumbscrews behind your aquarium, and gently raise lower the light 1-2″. Secure the thumbscrews and repeat with the other side, going back and forth until the desired height is achieved.
Telescoping Arms Secured to the Top of a Photon V2 Pro
Finished Assembly
Side view of a BOT Mount V2 on a standard plastic tank trim.
Assembled BOT Mount V2 without a light attached.